Vickers Hardness tester



Cutting edge technology, and beyond…

The new FALCON 800G2 series micro|macro Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness testing systems provide the next level of hardness testing experience. The FALCON 800G2 series stands for state-of-the-art laboratory equipment of the latest generation. The 800G2 combines hardness testing and metallurgical microscopy flawlessly based on a brand new optical system with full color camera’s providing reproduceable and reliable results regardless of the hardness scale selected.

The FALCON 800G2 series contains an 8 position turret including dual indenter positions, objectives, positioning laser and an advanced surface touch probe. The turret is protected by the sensitive CDR system (Collision Detection & Retraction) avoiding any damage to the turret or to be tested parts.

The iSMART quick change adapter can hold and identify fixed anvils, manual stages or the brand new iSMART series of wireless motorized CNC X-Y stages with a 0,001mm positioning accuracy. Maximum flexibility at any moment in the machines lifetime.

The wide test load range of 0,1gf – 62,5kgf confirms latest innovations on force control and providing ultimately precise measuring results. IMPRESSIONS 4™ software creates maximum user comfort due to nearly unlimited functions controlled by advanced interfaces.


Scales: Micro/Macro Vickers, Knoop & Brinell

Test Forces: 0.1gf – 62.5kgf (multi load cell, closed loop force application system)

Camera: 18 Megapixels, Full HD camera system, with zoom and auto-focus

Overview Camera: 18 megapixel stage overview camera, variable field of view

Objectives: 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 50X, 100X

8 Position Turret: 8 position, silent, ultra fast positioning tool station (turret), 2 indenter positions, 4 infinite LWD objectives, touch probe, laser positioning system

Control: Fully integrated system controller, i7 processor, Dual MSSD Raid system storage, or external pc

Illumination: White TTL power LED, Dual bank power LED stage illumination

Z-Axis: 3 configurations for Z-axis displacement available, models A, B & C

Stages: Manual or motorized

Microscope: Metallurgy microscope functionality with METALLOSCOPE™ software

Workpiece Acc.: 243mm (H) X 180mm (D)

Output: USB, LAN, Bluetooth

Software: Large choice of software options, features, plug-ins and add-ons, Q-DAS certified