R&D Centre of Excellence

R&D Centre Of Excellence

Located in the south of the Netherlands, close to the technical universities (TU) of Aachen, Eindhoven and the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. It’s here where new designs, new technologies and state-of-the-art firmware and video indent measuring systems for hardness testing machines find their roots.

3 or 4 disciplines come together in most hardness testing instruments. A team of mechanical, electronic, optic and software specialists are working continuously to develop new products that simplify hardness testing procedures or make an even better fit to user requirements.

The INNOVATECH R&D team develops and designs its own hardware and firmware applications. All technology used in the NEXUS and NEMESIS series are products of the masters in our R&D facilities, while all electronic boards and high tech components are manufactured in The Netherlands or world wide, by top class sub contractors.

INNOVATECH develops innovating technology for hardness testing systems. The R&D team also focuses on customized solutions, allowing the user to specify a hardness tester that fits perfectly for a particular job.
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