HAWK Range –
now available

The new INNOVATEST HAWK series. An astonishing new range of 5 NEW MODELS nose-type hardness testing machines that provide the ‘’best in class’’ technology that is available on the market today!

The HAWK series allow internal testing in bores, starting from 22mm with a nose length of 140mm up to 165mm and a throat depth of 200mm.
Unique is the absolute linear indent process, but also test force feedback is provided from a force measuring device mounted straight under the indenter position. Further advantage and new for this type of product is that workpieces can be hold firmly on the anvil or test table by a nose clamp.

The top model 652 has 2 (double) Z-axis and while the table supports heavy weight components, the anvil can be positioned under the to be tested part, providing the best possible testing support.

Working heights of 250mm, 400mm or a stunning 650mm create room for really large parts. Workflow control via the I-TOUCH module or integrated PC, Windows 10, running INNOVATEST IMPRESSIONS™ hardness testing software.


   HAWK 250RS                   HAWK 400RS               HAWK 400RS-IMP                   HAWK 651RS               HAWK 652RS-IMP