Rockwell Hardness tester



Front runner, with leading design features…

The HAWK 400RS is a taller version of the 250RS.
Similar to the 250RS it provides a vertical indentation process, load cell (test force measurement) on indenter position and the optional clamp that fixes your workpieces firmly on the test anvil or table.

This taller version of the Hawk increases the sample height to 400 mm while maintaining the 200 mm throat depth. When selecting the option of the automatic spindle, the full process of lifting, clamping, test procedure on your sample will be performed by only 1 touch of the “Start” icon on the touch screen. The I-TOUCH™ workflow controller effortlessly leads you through all advanced functionality including options to print or export data to MS Office applications or to store files on a regular USB drive.


Scales: Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell (Brinell, Vickers optional)

Test forces: 1kgf-187.5kgf
3kgf, 10kgf pre-load, 15, 30, 45, 60, 100, 150kgf main load.
Brinell test forces from 1kgf-187.5kgf (optional).
Vickers test forces from 1kgf-150kgf (optional).
Knoop test forces from 1kgf-5kgf (optional).

Microscope: Brinell microscope package, for Brinell measurement (optional)

Load app. System: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback. Absolute linear applied test force, no lever construction

Display: 6.5” industrial full color touchscreen

Software: I-TOUCH™ software system, advanced tester control

Memory: Large internal memory stores 150 readings

Output: USB

Illumination: Power LED  near indenter for bright sample illumination

Bottom Shell: Replaceable ABS covers avoids body damage

Workpiece Acc: 400mm (H) X 200mm (D)