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Hardness test methods

Innovatest offers variable hardness testers including Vickers


The Vickers hardness test method, also referred to as a microhardness test method (ASTM E-384, E92 and ISO 6507), consists of indenting the test material with a diamond indenter. This indenter has the form of a pyramid...

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Innovatest offers variable hardness testers including Rockwell


The Rockwell hardness test method, as defined in ISO 6508 & ASTM E-18, is the most commonly used method around the world to determine a material’s hardness and is suitable for almost all metals and to some degree for plastics...

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Innovatest offers variable hardness testers including Brinell


The Brinell hardness test method (as defined in ASTM E10 and ISO 6506) is mostly used for heavy casted materials such as cast iron, aluminun or steel. Although Brinell loads can be found ranging from 1kgf to 3000kgf, most ...

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Innovatest offers variable hardness testers including Knoop


The Knoop resulting indentation is not symmetrical as Vickers indentions and will be subject to more variations of the resulting hardness values when testing to Knoop scales, especially below 200gf. Knoop hardness is normally not being...

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Hardness Testers

INNOVATEST develops and manufactures machines for measuring and/or testing the hardness of metals, plastics and polymers. In the market, these devices are known as hardness testers. INNOVATEST focuses in particular on developing high-end closed-loop hardness testers, video systems and image analysis. INNOVATEST’s hardness testers are distinguished from other manufacturers by the high level of innovation, automation and the easy-to-use yet highly sophisticated IMPRESSIONS™ software.


Hardness testers from INNOVATEST

Hardness testers from INNOVATEST are available for measuring hardness on all scales, including Vickers, Micro Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell and Brinell. INNOVATEST also offers various types of hardness testers to perform HBT and HVT indentation depth measurements and the scales for plastic ISO 2039 1 and 2 and Carbon.

  1. Vickers
    Vickers hardness testers test the hardness of materials according to the Vickers test method. This method was developed in 1924 by British aircraft manufacturer Vickers Ltd to measure the hardness of thin materials and small components.
  2. Knoop
    Testers that measure the hardness of a material using the Knoop hardness test are mainly used for testing very brittle materials or thin sheets where only minimal indentation can be made.
  3. Rockwell
    The Rockwell test method is the most commonly used test method to measure the hardness of a material. This hardness tester is suitable for almost all metals and, to some extent, plastics.
  4. Brinell
    The Brinell test method is the oldest hardness test method still in use. Hardness testers measuring according to this method are often used to measure the hardness of castings and forgings whose metal grain structure is too coarse for Vickers or Rockwell testers.

INNOVATEST develops machines and software solutions for complex tasks as well as products for daily inspection of single products. We offer solutions for every challenge and virtually every budget. Using our configurator, it is possible to put together a hardness tester online that meets all your needs and requirements.

In addition to floor and table testers, the product range includes a range of portable hardness testers for the above scales and for Shore. In addition, we supply hardness test blocks or calibration plates and indenters for Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell, provided with traceable certificates, according to ISO 17025.


INNOVATEST’s head office is located in Maastricht, the Netherlands. This is also where the heart of our development department is located. In addition, all of our high-tech machines are manufactured in the Netherlands. INNOVATEST has an extensive worldwide sales network with INNOVATEST offices for service and calibration in locations such as Germany, France, UK, Poland, Dubai, USA, Japan and China. In addition, we offer service and training in almost all countries around the world.

Innovation in hardness testers

Innovation is the core function of our company. We apply innovations in software and the user-friendliness of the equipment, among other things, so that measurements performed by INNOVATEST hardness testers produce particularly reliable results. We apply these innovations in every price segment, from standard hardness testers to high-end customized solutions.

INNOVATEST stands for high quality, which is why we offer up to a 25-year warranty on our hardness testers. Our high-quality machines are assembled from top-quality components that can be used to test the hardness of a wide range of components and materials. Every hardness tester meets the strict requirements as laid down by EN, DIN, ISO, ASTM, JIS, GB and other standards.


The advantages of INNOVATEST

  • Hardness testers that truly comply with ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards
  • Modern hardness testers for both workshop and laboratory use
  • Choice from a wide range of hardness testers and accessories
  • High level of automation available
  • IMPRESSIONS™ Software for advanced hardness testing tasks
  • World-class quality with an unprecedented warranty system
  • Large showroom in Maastricht with more than 30 machines ready-to-use
  • Also well-equipped showrooms in UK, Poland, Germany, Dubai, Japan, China
  • Specialists in the field of hardness testing can speak to you in Dutch, English, French and German in Maastricht
  • A worldwide available team of service staff and distributors ready to assist with professional machine installation and calibration at any time

For more information on a specific hardness tester, check out the relevant page or contact us. We will be happy to help you find a hardness tester that meets your requirements.