Installation & Maintenance


Hardness testing instruments operate at peak performance when professionally installed in your workshop or laboratory. While most of the INNOVATEST machines are prepared to a degree of ‘’plug and play’’ level, they should be verified against calibration standards after each transportation. This is regardless of whether this movement is internal or external transportation.

If the testers are transported by road, rail or air  from one to the another location, they need to be packed in their original (mostly) wooden crate and secured to the bottom of the crate. Air transportation can be expensive and therefore Innovatest delivers a lightweight crate that can be totally disassembled and stored for later use.

INNOVATEST has factory trained service teams located around the world to assist in the proper installation of your hardness tester. Our world wide distributors are trained to be experts in installing and providing operational training making sure your team has the most productive and knowledgeable experience with our products. Let us know how we can help you!

Our experienced service team can advise you on how to move your tester or better, take care of the detailed planning, transport preparation, reinstalling, calibration and certification of your tester. Don’t hesitate to ask for our free advice. Nearly world-wide, we are local to you!

The instructions in this video can be found pleasantly useful.