Welcome to the world of heavy-duty hardness testing, with the NEMESIS 9800G2, the latest addition to our Universal Hardness tester range. This cutting-edge machine is designed to simplify testing processes, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

The NEMESIS 9800G2 boasts a large radial frame that allows testing either on the machine base or beside it. The heavy-duty test head easily pivots, ensuring seamless positioning of workpieces without any hindrance. Forget the hassle of manual workpiece adjustments. Use a crane or forklift truck to effortlessly position your parts.

With its unique dual Z-axis, the 9800G2 provides an impressive range of test scales. From Vickers 500gf to Brinell 3000kgf, this tester can determine the hardness of objects ranging from small to remarkably large. The standard delivered removable cast iron block stage makes it convenient to test smaller parts at an ergonomic working height, ensuring precision and ease of use. Contrary to expectations, the NEMESIS 9800G2 is not a customized product; it is a standard serial product of INNOVATEST.
However, it can be easily adapted to specific requirements, providing the best of both worlds – reliability and flexibility.


Download the brochure of the NEMESIS 9800G2 here.