Brinell Impression Optical Scanner


The BIOS Brinell optical scanner is a hand held device that can be connected to a standard laptop, tablet or any other device running a Windows 10 operating system. The software that comes with the unit is easy to install and provides an excellent way to measure Brinell indents in just a tenth of a second.

Different materials have different finish and for Brinell fast light adjustment is mandatory. Automatic light adjusting systems are too slow and often don’t give the right result. The scroll wheel that is in thumb reach provides and ultra-fast way of experimenting with correct light setting, which is then stored for the current application.



Microscope: Brinell Impression Optical Scanner

Camera: 5 Megapixels

Lens: Telocentric 0.6x

Field of view: Max. 9,50 x 7,12mm

Dimensions: 160mm x Ø45mm

Weight: 527gr

Power supply: USB-2

Data Output: CSV, MS Solutions Excel, Word, etc.

Connectivity: USB-2

Electronic system: High performance embedded controller, i7, MS Windows® 10 operated

Screen: Landscape mode capacitive touch screen

Display resolution: 0.1 HBW

Hardness conversion: HRC

Software: Integrated database, Measurement for 1mm – 10mm balls with one lens only, Measurement resolution 1µm/step, Precise digital zoom function 1x – 8x, Fast measurement reaction time, Measurements can be edited after storage