Micro Vickers & Knoop hardness tester

NOVA 330/360 Series

General information

The new NOVA 330 & 360 series, Load Cell, Closed Loop, Vickers, Knoop & Brinell (optional) hardness testing instruments offer a versatile and user friendly solution for a wide range of Vickers, Knoop & Low Force Brinell hardness testing.


Load selection:
Electronic Force Sensor technology (Load Cell) closed loop system, offers an unparalleled wide range of test forces and supersedes any traditional dead weight system in test load range and test load accuracy. Setting wrong test forces and over-shoot of test forces is something that now belongs to the past.

The test range, depending on the model, varies from 20gf up to 62,5kgf.
Unique & unparalleled specifications at this cost level.


  • Analogue or Digital/Electronic eyepiece
  • Eyepiece with 15X magnification
  • Standard objectives 5X, 10X and 40X installed (NOVA 330)
  • Standard objectives 5X, 10X and 20X installed (NOVA 360)
  • Optional High Resolution CCD camera system can be integrated, directly or afterwards
  • High quality objectives providing maximum viewing comfort
  • Vertical LED Illuminator
  • Laser adjusted optical path
  • Dual Channel optical system
  • Measuring confirmation button on digital eyepiece


  • Automatic, high speed, motorized multi position turret
  • ‘’Shortest path’’ program with anti-back lash positioning

Interface & connectivity:

  • 6,5’’ Full color high resolution touch screen, tablet type
  • Language selectable interaction dialog system
  • Graphic tester motion control interface
  • Easy operation, no expert skills required, short training time
  • Save and load test programs, tester settings
  • Limit settings, real time statistics
  • Shape correction settings for testing on round parts
  • Host and Device USB connectivity
  • Integrated high speed thermal printer


  • Prepared for optional remote operation
  • Prepared for optional IMPRESSIONS HD Camera & auto measurement systems
  • Prepared for optional motorized CNC, X-Y stages
  • Prepared for optional motorized Z axis / auto-focus