Micro/Macro Vickers hardness tester


General information

The FALCON 600 automated hardness testing system provides a fully integrated platform for all your complete Vickers, Knoop & low force Brinell hardness testing needs.

A standard force range of 1 gf to 62,5 kgf (optional going down to forces of 0,1 gf) to be used in combination with any thinkable software application, provides a hardness testing machine for today, tomorrow and better ... for the future.

The Graphical User interface (GUI), contains Industry preferred applications, and offers easy to learn, advanced workflow control. A simple test can be set up and conducted in about 3 seconds…IMPRESSIONS layout & functions will match not only your particular application requirements, but also meet the needs and preferences of your Operators. A user level management system maximizes the comfort and efficiency.

The unique in the industry, 15’’ portrait mode, capacitive touch screen, gives room to all possible applications. Dual screen:  For demanding users, a second vertical 15’’ or 24’’ landscape screen can be connected. For educational purposes, schools, universities, a full HD projector (beamer) can be connected to the HDMI supported outlet.

With this many options in Hardware and Software configuration, yearly updates and on demand upgrades, IMPRESSIONS™ is truly  the leading software in the industry.


  • Vickers Scales: 1 gf - 50 kgf
  • Knoop Scales: 1 gf - 5 kgf 
  • Brinell Scales: 1 kgf - 62, 5 kgf
  • Multi Load Cell, Closed Loop, Force application system, error <0,25%
  • 6 position turret, 2 identer positions, 4 LWD objectives installed (included)
  • Turret collision detection and workpiece retraction safety system
  • 18 Mega Pixel, 4K, full color integrated camera system
  • Full X-Y stage overview camera, optical zoom system, variable field of view
  • TTL power LED with color filter, Dual bank power LED stage illumination
  • Large CNC X-Y stage 300 x 200 mm, Z-axis with ball bearing spindle (standard)
  • Integrated system controller, i7 processor, mSSD system storage
  • Industrial 15" touch screen, option for second screen 15" to 55" or projector
  • Top-class replaceable body parts, shock proof ABS covers