Brinell optical scanning system


General information

Portable video scanning system to automatically measure and determine the Brinell hardness value. Excellent solution for quick and easy measurement of Brinell hardness values made with ball diameters 1, 2, 2.5, 5 and 10mm and applied loads of 1kgf to 3000kgf.


  • Scanning System
  • Including magnetic base for accurate and precise measuring
  • Easy to use: Position the scanning system on the indentation made in a flat or curved surface, press the button to determine the relative hardness and diameter of the indentation
  • Accuracy of the measured diameter is up to 0.001mm
  • Possibility to set tolerance value Yes/No (upper and lower limits)
  • Possibility to show the last 5 hardness measurements taken
  • Automatic storage of images and accompanying measurement data files
  • Storage of operator id, date/hour, hardness parameters, measured hardness values, location of stored image
  • Software Features
  • Measures the indentation automatically or by hand
  • Saves the image of the indentation in a dedicated format and folder
  • Test results can be imported into Excel
  • Each measurement is filed with information about the ball diameter, applied load, load duration
  • Last 5 measurements can be shown on screen
  • Images taken can be copied