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About Innovatest Europe

INNOVATEST is a global leader in designing manufacture, supply and service of a quality range of hardness testing instruments, systems, software and accessories. The products are used to evaluate the hardness properties of all types of steel, metals, alloys and plastics.

As a private company, with its foundation laying in the 19th century (1890), INNOVATEST® has a rock solid position in the market. The company also distributes other materials testing instruments, optical measuring equipment and portable testing instruments such as surface roughness, wall thickness & vibration meters.

For the last 30 years, the owners have largely invested in a -state of the art- range of Hardness Testing Machines, while still keeping a focus on portable testing instruments as well.


With a wide range -, fit to any budget -, offering both traditional and state-of-the-art testing instruments, INNOVATEST® is a market leader in hardness testing solutions.
We are committed to solve your testing requirements and not just selling products:

Solution driven
High quality standard
Traditional and state-of-the art technology
Solutions and technology that fit your budget
Global sales network
Global local service capabilities
Superior guarantee system


A significant part of our revenues, combined with European and local government funding, are continuously invested in new technology development. Our R&D team currently counts 15 senior engineers, ready for any challenge on product development.

With our eyes firmly focused on the future, we are committed to advance and innovate our product line, in order to be a continuous competent market player, offering our customers reliable, “fit for purpose”  technology and when required, affordable service and support.


Confidence, now and in the future

We have large confidence in our products! Therefore we offer a guarantee of 2 years on all our products.
Combined with a service agreement, we extend such guarantee to 5 years.

All our bench hardness testers come with a certificate of ''direct'' & indirect" verification. The equipment used for the verification is traceable to international standards.

Our modern workshops and professional technical staff offer service on demand, at any time and at any location in the world. First line, local after sales service and support is offered by our local offices or representatives.

Join us and stay above the current!

R.H.J.M. Engbersen
Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer

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