The NEMESIS 9100 Universal Hardness Tester is now available as the latest model 9100G2. The second generation of this unique & iconic hardness testing machine leaves little to the imagination.

After a number of updates and upgrades since its birth in 2008, we have the pleasure to launch this latest version with a large number of new advanced benefits for its future owners, while creating a new meaning for the word -versatile-.

The 9100G2 can be delivered in either a standard economic configuration with a test force range of 500gf to 250kgf but also has the unique ability to cover the full range of 200gf to 3000kgf test force in one machine. Test forces can be upgraded to lower forces and any moment required.

The new free-to-configure -9 position- tool changer/turret launched last year on the 5100G2 is now part of the standard configuration of the NEMESIS 9100G2. This unique tool changer has indenters and objectives installed according to requirements. It is also home to the new electronic touch probe and a cross laser for easy positioning of workpieces.

The tester also has the latest INNOVATEST development; the iSMART stage adapter that allows a large number of accessories, anvils, and wireless CNC motorized X-Y stages to be mounted in just seconds while the tester recognizes the installed accessories.

The motorized stages have position control, repeatability of 0,001mm, and carry loads up to 4000kgf, strong, accurate, ridged, and … interchangeable between different types of Innovatest machines or easy to replace in service cases.

Download the brochure of the NEMESIS 9100G2 here.