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Universal hardness testing!

The NEXUS 7700G2 revives once more as the world’s most popular Universal Hardness Testing machine. This next generation of the originally 1960’s developed matt screen universal hardness tester with swivel system for indenters and objectives offers significant new features and benefits for its enthusiastic users.

There is a new high resolution 11 megapixels camera on board of the 7700G2 supporting a brand new infinite type optical system. Image quality – far superior to any similar machines on the market.


Unique is the Quick Change adapter for objectives. It now takes less then 2 seconds to change the magnification objective to a larger or lower magnification at choice.

The new software platform with larger screen provides simple operation and a low learning curve.
IMPRESSIONS™ 4 also supports the use of motorized stages on the 7700G2. Economic high-end hardness testing according to ASTM, ISO, JIS and GB standards.





The NEXUS 7700G2 new infinite optical system provides ultra sharp magnifications, excellent sharpness/depth ratio and is color corrected. The
new objectives are long working distance, offering more positioning comfort to the user.


Most production oriented hardness testing machines nowadays are supplied with a multi position turret. The turret that often can hold up to 9 different tools is a handy feature on the hardness tester but comes with a certain investment.

Commonly in test laboratories there is no real production and the tester just needs to be versatile, able to do a good number of scales. Often there is the need to change objectives and this was always a hassle on non-turret machines as objective changes came with necessary optical adjustments.

NEXUS 7700G2 has been updated with a quick change lens/objective adapter on the swivel system.
In just a few seconds an objective can be changed. All objective magnifications can be supplied with integrated ring-lights or with a BRI-LED objective. No corrections or adjustments need to be made, no wires to be connected. Click out, click in.

The new quick change optical adapter provides efficient workflow as economic alternative to turrets.



More about the NEXUS 7700G2?
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