TIME 5102

TIME 5102

Portable Hardness Tester


The TIME 5100 Series provides in portable hardness inspection of almost any object, polished parts and heat-treated surfaces. The hardness measurements are made by using the dynamic rebound testing method according to Leeb.

Leeb hardness testing was invented in 1975 in Switzerland and has become one of the most popular portable testing methods currently available. The TIME Leeb Hardness testers are supplied to the industry since 1991 and can be seen as the current global standard for Portable hardness testing.




Agility: Excellent portability for testing anywhere, anytime

Usability: Automatic gravity compensation for testing at any angle

Display: Extra large LCD display

Output: Real-time measurement USB data output


Calibration: Easy calibration function

Printer: Mini printer available

Battery: Simple to replace AA batteries