Rockwell / Brinell hardness tester


General information

The NEMESIS 6100 hardness tester is a state-of-the-art machines. It features an all linear force application system, with a descending test head and a fixed work piece position. This completely eliminates, any unwanted tolerance in the depth measurement.

The 6100 model features Load cell, force feedback, closed loop system, fully automatic, servo motor driven. This hardness tester can accommodate a wide variety of applications due to the IMPRESSIONS™ advanced hardness software. Perfectly suitable for aircraft engine parts, automobile parts, production lines, general quality assurance and the highest standard for laboratory use.


  • Scales: Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell, Brinell (RSB models).
  • Test forces: 3, 10 kgf pre-load; 60, 100, 150 kgf main load.
  • All Brinell test forces from 1 kgf - 250 kgf (RSB models).
  • Load app. system: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback.
  • Control: i-Touch software.
  • Display: 7.5” color touch screen.
  • Advanced output: USB, single readings, text file reports.
  • Software: No. of tests, Mean, St. Deviation, Min., Max., Range, Cp, Cpk, individual readings list, storage memory, Dwell time, test force setting, scale selection, calibration etc.
  • Illumination: Adjustable workpiece illumination.
  • Z-Axis: Descending test head, with collision detection, CNC motorized, ball bearing spindle, with fast up down and joystick for fine adjustment.
  • XY-stage: Manual, motorized stages (6200) or/and anvils or work tables at choice.
  • Workpiece acc.: 345 mm (H) X 220 mm (D).