Rockwell hardness tester


General information

The NEXUS 605 models are a new generation of hardness testing instruments. The testers main body is a fine casted rigid structure which incorporates a load cell, closed loop force actuator that provides continuous force feedback information.

The load application system avoids “overshoot” during the test force application and guarantees one of the best GR & R results ever seen on Rockwell/Brinell hardness testers in this class. The tester meets or exceeds the ISO, ASTM and JIS standards. (ISO 6508, ASTM E18, ASTM B254, JIS Z2245)

Test forces range from 2.5kgf/24.5N to 187.5kgf/1838N, Advanced algorithms, digital filter technology and state of the art electronics provide a very reliable and robust Rockwell hardness tester.
NEXUS stands for Next Generation.

The unique machine design allows Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell and Brinell load settings.
The NEXUS 605 RS/RSB model makes it possible to perform hardness tests in Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales and optionally (605RSB) can provide Brinell hardness testing.
Models RSB are supplied with a separate Brinell measuring microscope.


  • Load cell, force feedback, closed loop system
  • Excellent accuracy, best in class GR & R
  • Load range 2.5 kgf/24.5 N up to 187.5 kgf/1838 N (depending on model)
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Meets or exceeds ISO, ASTM and JIS standards
  • Shape correction settings for curved surfaces
  • Go/No Go function with color full visual and acoustic warning
  • Large memory for test results storage
  • Easy calibration function
  • Testing program storage
  • Standard workpiece clamping attachment
  • Connectivity USB-2
  • External Brinell microscope (RSB model)
  • Large workpiece accommodation