TIME 3220-3221

General information

With increasing manufacturing and machine quality, the quality of technical products’ surface finish is becoming ever more important.

The newest addition to the TIME roughness testing instruments family, the TIME®3220 and TIME®3221 build on the long history of the TIME®TR200 series. Designed for shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications, the TIME®3220 and TIME®3221are versatile solutions for all your surface finish measurement requirements.

Specific accessories such as a height support, V-grove support widen the standard field of application. Connectivity via RS232 and USB allow connection to PC or portable devices. Ideal for a wide range of industries including precision bearings, automotive and aerospace engineering, the TIME®3220/3221 series has the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries;

  • Advanced & wide parameter options to suit your application
  • V-shaped bottom, means the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces
  • Built to last, solid ABS housing
  • Large memory plus printer output

The TIME®3220 portable roughness testers come in two variants: The TIME®3220 is our standard version with a fixed tracer position, whilst the TIME®3221 offers a separate motor drive allowing you to measure on difficult to reach surfaces or confined spaces. High resolution graphic LCD TOUCH SCREEN, for comfortable setup and operation. Additional traditional buttons give access to the most common functions used on the shop floor, to avoid long time wear of the touch screen.


  • Large range of parameters and graphical measuring system.
  • High resolution industrial touch screen
  • Digital and analogue filtering methods (2RC, GAUSS)
  • Complies to ISO, ASTM, JIS standards
  • Can be connected to TIME® TA230 printer, prints all parameters and graphs
  • Built-in standard RS232 interface and USB interface
  • Automatic switch off
  • Integrated design, simple to use