Universal Hardness Testing

Universal hardness testers

Universal hardness testers are in fact hybrid instruments allowing the user to make Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell hardness tests according to the applicable ISO, ASTM and JIS standards, with one single machine. Universal hardness systems do not convert hardness values, but apply tests according to standard procedures.

While most hardness testers in particular measure only one kind of scale (either Rockwell or Vickers or Brinell), the universal testers cover a wide range of testloads and measurement procedures. Today’s state-of-the-art universal hardness testing machines use innovative technology. This means testing in a wide range of applications, with a high-precision level.

Universal hardness testing machines

Below you find our universal testing systems. The NEXUS and NEMESIS series are products of the masters in our R&D facilities, while all electronic boards and high tech components are manufactured in The Netherlands, by top class sub contractors.


In the early stage of your interest in our testers, our sales team will gather the required information to offer a product adapted to your individual requirements. Do not hesitate and ask for customized solutions on both software and hardware. In close cooperation with our customers we will develop and supply the right configuration for your job.