Brinell Hardness Testing

Brinell hardness testers

The Brinell test method (as defined in ASTM E10 and ISO 6506) is mostly used when another test method isn't an option. This is when test materials have a structure that is too coarse or a surface that is too rough to be tested using another test method, e.g. castings and forgings. Brinell testing often uses a very high test load (from 500 to 3000 Kgf) and a 10mm ball indenter so that the resulting indentation averages out most surface and sub-surface inconsistencies.

The greatest source of error in Brinell testing is the indentation measurement. Due to disparities in operators making the measurements, the results will vary even under perfect conditions. Less than perfect conditions can cause the variation to increase greatly. Jagged edges make interpretation of the indentation difficult. Frequently the test surface is prepared to remove surface conditions. Automatic optical Brinell scopes use computers and image analysis to read the indentations consistently. This standardization helps eliminate operator subjectivity.

How it works

A Brinell hardness testing system makes an indentation in a material, and after that the indentation diameter is measured. The Brinell method applies a predetermined test load to a carbide ball of fixed diameter. The ball is held for a predetermined time period and then removed. The resulting impression, the permanent width of indentation, is measured across at least two diameters. The average diameter measurement can be converted to a Brinell hardness number via the Brinell formula or a conversion chart based on the formula.

Brinell testing machines

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